A platform for online education


Product designer


UX / UI Design





Courson is a platform for online education. The main areas of study are industrial specialties with a focus on occupational safety and health. The platform consists of three main parts: external pages, student account and employer account.


Our task was to completely redesign the platform and significantly expand the functionality of the employer's account.



The first stage of our work was to determine the criteria for the success of our work. We have developed a list of key metrics for each of the three parts of the platform. Here are some examples. For external pages, we settled on the visit/purchase ratio. For a student's account: the ratio of courses started to completed, as well as the percentage of users who have started a second or more course. For the employer's account, we tracked retention rate and metrics of the account's internal tools.

Next, we focused on creating ux artifacts. For each part of the platform, persons were developed based on portraits of existing and potential users. We used these persons to create CJM, and CJM to create information architecture.

Prototypes and UI

Based on the information architecture, we have made low-detailed prototypes of all pages. Next, we made several concepts of the main pages for the student and employer account. We collected feedback from stakeholders and a focus group of product users and determined the winner.

Having selected the winner, we started developing the design system. We chose the path – to make a single design system for external pages, student account and employer account. While developing the design system, we constantly applied elements on prototypes to check their relevance to our tasks. When the design of the system was completed, we started applying it to all prototypes.

Pre-release testing

Here we focused on the employer's account, as here is the most complex functionality for organizing the training of a large number of employees. We conducted several interview sessions with representatives of the target audience to identify the most difficult sections of the flow. This information allowed us to figure out a few critical fixes before a full launch.