Tracking application for control work process and manage time


Product designer


UX / UI Design






During the COVID-19 restrictions and the transition to a remote work format, we thought about what could help us stay productive.

So we came up with the idea to make a concept of an application for tracking working hours, as well as to introduce the mechanics of a pomodoro timer into it. And since this is a concept, we wanted to create a challenge for ourselves, we decided to give the opportunity to create a tree-like structure of tasks and adapt the application to the Apple Watch.



We crystallized the idea and conducted a series of zoom interviews with our colleagues and friends who work remotely. This gave us some ideas. For example, to give the possibility to set the cost of an hour and so track income from freelancing.

Next, we focused on studying the Pomodoro timer and its implementation in various apps. We also looked for examples of implementing tree structures with a complex nesting system in mobile apps.


Based on the key functionality, we have developed an information architecture, on the basis of which we have already made low-detailed prototypes.

At this stage, we started collecting references for the visual style of the app. We wanted to give users the opportunity to select colors for marking up projects and use these colors as accents in the application. We chose a dark theme so that the accent colors looked brighter and more contrasting.

Next, we created several concepts of the main screen to apply the visual style and layout of the elements. Having decided on the direction, we took up the design system and the rest of the mobile application screens.

When we ran out of mobile app screens, we switched to adapting key functions to the watch. Our task was to provide a full user experience compared to the iOS app. Plus, to ensure that the same scripts work on two devices at the same time.