Data visualization app UIkit


The data visualization application UIkit contains data display components. Best for financial, crypto, banking and sports app


Product designer


UX / UI Design






I've always been interested in working with data visualization, so I decided to make UIKit, which covers a set of elements that can be used in mobile applications.


I decided to use a product approach while working on the UI Kit. The end users of my product are other designers and it's easy enough for me to understand what they want to see in my product.


At this stage, I focused in two directions. I was wondering what types of data visualization can be used in applications, what they look like and how to interact with them. I also researched specific references from the financial, crypto, banking and sports app.

After the collection of references was formed, I identified the types of visualization that will be presented in the UI-kit. I was based on the frequency of use and practical significance.

Thus, I have identified the following types: Bar Charts, Line Graphs, Donut Charts, Progress Bars and Heat Maps.


The next stage was the creation of prototypes of all pages of the future UI Kit. My task was to cover the most typical examples of using data visualization.

When the prototypes were ready, I focused on working out the UI as well as the design system. This allowed me to immediately determine the set of necessary elements and quickly refine the screens.

Launch and support

After the launch, I concentrated on collecting feedback from UI Kit users. This helped me to find and correct errors and inaccuracies faster. It also made it possible to collect wishes for the next updates. So the audience of users helped me to significantly improve my product.

I have released 28 UI-kit updates, significantly expanded the system of components and the number of data visualization options. At some point, I became interested in trying on ready-made components for iOS widgets. I moved the focus in that direction.

At the moment I am no longer updating the Data visualization app UI-kit.