Map Mastermind


Map Mastermind – a strategic online game.

The goal of which is to place blocks on the game field as advantageously as possible.


Product designer


UX / UI Design






This is a non-profit project proposed to me by one of my colleagues. The main idea is to transfer the experience of a board game into an application. That was what attracted me to take up this idea.

The project is currently under development. The planned release date is at the end of 2024.



At the first stage, the main problem turned out to be the transfer of the desktop game experience to the application plane. In the original game, the player paints over the dropped figure on the map. We focused on finding references for similar types of interaction.

The next step was to search for references of interaction with game cards, since the cards suggested several scenarios of interaction.

Next, we moved on to the selection of references for the overall visual style and branding.


At this stage, we worked out our hypotheses on the interaction with the playing field and the modalities that surround it. We tried several options in search of the most obvious way to interact with the blocks.

As a result, we settled on the option presented below.

Also, during the testing process, we came across the fact that the rules of the game are far from obvious to users unfamiliar with the original game. As a solution, we added the rules of the game as a separate step of onboarding.

User interface

We've moved from the medieval setting that was in the original game to something closer to cyberpunk. We wanted to achieve cool, serious colors with acid shades. This determines the choice of the color palette of the project.

Some parts managed to be reused and they were transferred unchanged from my previous Data visualization app UI-kit project.

In addition to interacting with the playing field, we have paid great attention to working out a wide range of modalities that provide the player with information about the current situation in the match.

User interface

The project is currently under development. The planned release date is at the end of 2024.